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  • Finding Medical Information Online

    Becoming Informed About Your Health

    This page is a partial answer to the question “How do I find medical information on the Internet?”  Finding information involves more than feeding keywords to a search engine.  If you enter  words like “pain” or “neuralgia” at any major Internet search site,  the engine will deliver literally thousands of hits.  A hit doesn’t become information until you find something that meets your need. This page may help you wade through the hits more quickly to find the gold nuggets.

    The links below have been reviewed for their usefulness to patients who are dealing with face pain.  Many of the links provide access to searchable databases prepared by authoritative authors, doctors, or research librarians.  On the date of original publication, these links worked.  However, please keep in mind that the Internet is a very dynamic place.  Addresses change.  Likewise, the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association does not “endorse” one source of information over another.  Nor is TNA responsible for the accuracy or currency of the information you receive from them.  These links are offered purely as places to start educating yourself about your condition or that of a loved one.  Talk to a physician about what you find.  Listing of health care professionals does not infer TNA endorsement of special expertise in the treatment of TN or other facial pain problems.

    First Things First:  Finding a Doctor or Pain Center

    American Medical Association Physician Locator “AMA Physician Select” — short entries describing the practice and qualifications of “virtually every licensed physician in the United States and its possessions, including more than 650,000 doctors of medicine (MD) and doctors of osteopathy or osteopathic medicine (DO).”

    Doctor Directory — Search by city and state.  Note: this resource also includes a search capability to determine if a doctor has sanctions outstanding against his or her license.

    Health World On Line Professional Referral Network — Alternative and Complementary Medicine Practitioners.  Many other information resources.  Many face pain patients express interest in alternative medicine.  However, we suggest that any program of pain control should be evaluated and managed by a licensed medical professional.

    Neurosurgery/On-Call The American Association of Neurological Surgeons and Congress of Neurological Surgeons provides a database of neurosurgeons which can be searched by location or telephone area code.  Please note:  not all neurosurgeons regularly treat trigeminal neuralgia.

    Pain Clinics — A compilation of several hundred pain specialists in multiple countries, by the Dannemiller Foundation — World Wide Congress on Pain.  Use the menu at the top of the page to view other pain-related information and resources., as well.

    US News On-Line:  Best Hospitals in America — Results of a survey to determine which hospitals are considered to be “the best” by board certified specialists and others.  Repeated yearly.

    Learning About Medications

    Drug Information from Drug InfoNet (includes additional information on diseases, treatment, health guides, and an “ask the experts” link).

    InteliHealth – Drug Resource Center.

    The Internet Drug Index — Searchable database for extensive drug information by name. Includes cautions and side effect information.  [see also, the Rx List home page.

    General Medical Information

    Agency for Health Care Research and Quality — A gateway with multiple links to consumer health resources.  “AHRQ, a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the lead agency charged with supporting research designed to improve the quality of healthcare, reduce its cost, improve patient safety, decrease medical errors, and broaden access to essential services. AHRQ sponsors and conducts research that provides evidence-based information on healthcare outcomes; quality; and cost, use, and access. The information helps healthcare decision-makers€”patients and clinicians, health system leaders, and policymakers€”make more  informed decisions and improve the quality of healthcare services.”

    Health World On Line — Resources for medicine and health, with an Alternative Medicine emphasis.

    The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy — Searchable article archive.  Other medical and research information also on site.  Highly authoritative.

    NIH – the National Institutes of Health.

    NINDS Fact Sheets — Information on biomedical research for disorders of the brain and nervous system.  Also from InteliHealth.

    General Health and Medicine Directories

    Martindale’s Health Science Guide – One of the widest ranging guides to medical and health information in the world.  Includes a “Brain and Neuro” Center, among many others.

    Yahoo - Health and Medicine Directory (entire site is searchable from every page –  over 10,000 health related links, in the health directories alone).

    Doctors Guide to the Internet — Although this resource requires a free user registration, it is one of the most powerful “personal medical information services” on the Internet.

    Dental Information

    American Academy of Oral Medicine

    American Dental Association

    American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists

    Medical Research

    Clinical Trials – A service of NIH. Many patients have great interest in learning about the newest research efforts to deal with pain related issues.  On February 29, 2000, “the National Institutes of Health launched the first phase of a consumer-friendly database that provides information on thousands of federal and private clinical research studies.”

    The Internet Grateful Med  — Free public gateway to search Medline and other medical citation/abstracts databases, with over 9,000,000 abstracts from 1966 to the present. For an explanation of the databases which can be accessed, select Fact Sheet on NLM Databases and Databanks

    Free Medline Search at Health World OnLine, hits ranked by relevance, abstracts directly linked (2500+ citations on Trigeminal Neuralgia from 1993 to present).

    Health on the Web Foundation – setting a standard for high quality medical sites.  Includes Med Search, a targeted medical site search engine.

    Pub Med – via the National Medical Library at National Institutes of Health. — another interface to Medline assets.

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