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Striking Back Striking Back! The Trigeminal Neuralgia and Face Pain Handbook
by George Weigel and Kenneth F. Casey, MD
A Layman’s Guide to Understanding and Treating What is Often Called the World’s Worst Pain. Considered to be the “bible” for face pain patients.$24.95
$22.00 for TNA Members
Facing Facial Pain Facing Facial Pain
by Gerald M. Lemole, MD and Emily Jane Lemole, MAFrom specific nutrition to the most beneficial exercise, the Lemoles guide the reader through a life-changing plan for facing and controlling facial pain.
Special Price: $19.95 + FREE SHIPPING
Insights Insights – Facts and Stories behind Trigeminal Neuralgia
by Joanna M. Zakrzewska, MDUnderstanding and Treating What is Often Called the World’s Worst Pain.$27.95
$25.00 for TNA Members
Small Place Working in a Very Small Place – The Making of a Neurosurgeon
by Mark L. Shelton”An absorbing book of medical reporting that is fascinating to the point of being scary.” The New York Times.$19.95
$18.00 for TNA Members